Security Product Engineering

Powering Leading Cyber Security Products

At Ebryx, we specialize in security product development, turning your security vision into reality. Our commitment to innovation and technical prowess ensures solutions that stand strong against evolving threats.

Turn your security product development vision into reality.
Stand strong against evolving threats on the back of our strong
commitment to innovation and expertise built over more than
a decade.

Gain A Competitive Edge with Ebryx

Bring groundbreaking cybersecurity technologies to the market and stand out from the competition. Join the list of some leading cybersecurity products for whom we work behind the scenes and empower with our research, development and testing services.

Product Development

Supplement your development team or utilize our expert developers to build cutting edge cybersecurity products or components. Our breadth of security experience as an MSSP and security consulting organization coupled with our engineering skills ranging from embedded systems to cloud applications, make us an invaluable partner.

Develop Products Across a
Broad Range of Categories:

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Threat detection: IDS, IPS, EDR, insider threat detection
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Vulnerability detection and exploitation
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Continuous authentication,
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Zero Trust Network
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Security analytics
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Threat intelligence

Malware and Threat Research

Device cyber defenses and counter strategies to threats with our expert team that has contributed to several patents on malware detection and has documented never seen attacks
Discovering new attack strategies and threats
Malware analysis and reverse engineering
Signature development for malware 
Developing machine learning based malware and insider threat detection strategies 
Exploit writing
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Product Testing

Ensure exceptional product quality by benefiting from our expert QA and test teams that can supplement your in-house teams or own the entire QA process.
Product efficacy testing - such as detection accuracy and analysis of false positives and false negatives
Security testing to ensure that security products themselves do not have security defects that attackers an exploit to defeat or abuse the product.
Functional testing.
Test automation
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