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At Ebryx, we offer comprehensive assessment services that help you understand the level of cybersecurity risk throughout your organization. Our cybersecurity experts deliver detailed feedback and actionable recommendations to strengthen your digital protection, and address critical gaps in security.

Preventive technologies like firewalls and malware protection
fall short due to human errors or technological flaws. A strong
security stance demands addressing prevention shortcomings,
including breach detection and response.

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Ebryx: A Trusted Cybersecurity Partner

Continuous security monitoring is now regarded as essential for organizations of all sizes. Preventive technologies such as firewalls and malware protection systems are essential but not sufficient. Prevention can and does fail, often due to mistakes people, make or due to imperfections in the preventive technology itself. A sound security posture requires addressing the failure of prevention. This entails both detection of security breaches and responding to them to limit damage.

We recommend on how you can improve the security posture and develop capabilities to detect the modern-day cutting-edge attack campaigns by focused adversaries that easily bypass the conventional security controls.

Answer Critical Security Questions with Ebryx Incident Response Services

Answer Critical Security Questions with Ebryx Incident Response Services

Is your organization prepared for zero attacks?
Does your organization have appropriate threat detection and response capability?
Does your staff possess the training required to properly handle the incident, so no forensic evidence is lost?
Does your staff have clearly defined roles and responsibilities in case of an attack?
Does your organization have the capability to respond to security incidents right in the initial phase before they turn into a hazard?
What level of impact is the organization ready to endure?
How quickly can the business recover from the incident?

Our Services

Incident Readiness Assessment

Incident Readiness Assessment

Assessment of current security posture against industry best practices in alignment with the NIST standards covering the following areas:
Existing Detection and Response tooling and technologies
Visiblity of the infrastructure to investigate intrusions.
Ability to sweep IOCs across all endpoints from a single point
Ability to contain and isolate assets in case of an infection
Ability to correlate current events with the past data
Ability to eradicate injections from the endpoints in surgical manner instead of reimaging
Ability to attain enhanced endpoint and network visibility from forensic evidence collection and investigation perspective
Ebryx - Incident Response Services

IR Plan, Procedures & Playbooks

We can transform an organization from Zero to Incident Ready State. Development the bespoke Incident Management Plan procedures covering
Incident identification and definition as per the nature of the business
Incident types and lifecycle
Incident escalation scenarios and handling process
Roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders
Escalation matrix and response SLAs
IR Plan, Procedures & Playbooks
Incident Response Drill

Incident Response Drill

Breach response drills every 6 months with assumed compromise to:
Execute the breach response playbooks as per the IR plan
Evaluate the efficacy of the breach response tools deployed in the infrastructure
Gauge the preparedness of the internal team to respond to a breach
Lessons learned for IR process improvement
Ebryx - Incident Response Services

Incident Response & Digital Forensics

Security Incidents that show signs of a breach are handled by Ebryx’ qualified Incident Response and Forensics Services team either remotely or on-site as per the nature of the incident.
Incident Response & Digital Forensics

Attacks on SMEs

Experienced an attack that got past their intrusion detection system
experienced a
cyberattack in the
past 12 months
Organizations said
that cyberattacks
were becoming
more targeted


SMBs report that it took 24 hours or longer to recover from an attack


Experienced an attack that got past their intrusion detection system


SMBs were the target of a Cyberattack

PICERL- The 6 Stages of
incident handling

PICERL- The 6 Stages of incident handling

Lessons Learned