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Ebryx is a rapidly growing IT services company offering a diverse arsenal of network security and engineering services. Our resources are leaders in their respective functional areas, and we have a strong global footprint that cements our reputation as pacesetters in the industry.

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Kaul Associates is a team of medical professionals that provides Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain management services in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. Realising the importance of a website to reach out to our patients and anaesthesia fraternity, we decided to venture into this project. Must admit we were all technology naive, therefore needed a team that had the patience to understand our needs and the expertise to turn it into a reality. We approached Ebryx with a bit of anxiety that this was perhaps too small a project for an organisation of this size; they agreed to take this project and assigned what we feel now is their best team. Their enthusiasm was infectious; we were pushed into meeting our deadlines to provide the content and learning the technical intricacies of running the website. Somehow, they managed to understand what we exactly wanted and managed to turn it into a reality. anaesthesiakal.org is up and kicking now and Ebryx has a group of anaesthesia professionals among their fan club.
Kaul Associates
Ebryx is an amazing organization, and it couldn't have been without its people. Our experience was just incredible. The way Direct Debit project was handled from the start, breaking it down in different ways , totally re structured approach, started paying dividends rite away, Ebryx understands innovation better than anyone out there, with this team on board they do not need business development, their clients will do it for them.
Direct Debit Systems Est.
Ebryx has been a great QA partner for TalentBin. We rely heavily on them to fully regress all features on our site to ensure that we deploy clean code to our customers. Their QA team is very diligent and responsive to our testing requirements. They also help us with ad hoc projects like data standardization when we are short for time. In a startup like environment where everything is changing rapidly, it's nice to know that they are our one constant.
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