Empowering telcos to perform better, advance better, and connect customers better.

A globally connected world demands the leadership to be agile to the ever-changing market dynamics in the telecom industry.

Telecom carriers today face a number of emerging challenges. In addition to maintaining share in the face of industry-wide competition, they also need to step up their game in the face of numerous free communication apps.

Ebryx helps telcos achieve enhanced efficiency, cut down product rollout times, and achieve operational objectives seamlessly. Our senior management has decades of combined experience in presenting dynamic solutions to challenges faced by telcos worldwide, and enable them to redefine their markets. Our aim is to enable telcos to adopt agile business postures while reducing fixed operations costs and rolling out next generation service portfolios.

Full-cycle approach to telecom solutions

We partner with our clients to:

  • Adopt groundbreaking technologies for efficient system lifecycle management

  • Enhance customer experience by automating the customer journey. Deep expertise in billing systems as well as CRM solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Reduce time-to-market with an agile approach to solution analysis, deployment and on-going management

Leverage our expertise and telecom sector experience to improve your processes, diminish time-to-market, and reduce overall expenditure while you earn the trust of your customer base. We have experience in:

  • Intelligent fault and performance management of long-haul fiber optic networks for telcos.
  • VoIP and TDM call processing and switching solutions. IVR solutions. Cloud telephony. VoIP recording and streaming.
  • Mobile network (GSM, LTE) signaling elements GMLC, SMLC. Mobile user positioning.