Technology Start Ups

The journey from a great business idea to a success story!

Ebryx can help you build, grow, and manage the technology aspect of your start-up while you focus on market traction.

This program allows the founders to focus on their core profeciences, while our experienced technology team brings maximum efficiency to these often arduous processes. 

Starting a business in the technology sector? Most venture capitalists will tell you that investee companies tank because of high initial expenses that supercede any early progress or revenues. Enter Ebryx into the picture and you have a platform that can catapult your startup into a viable revenue generator without falling prey to early hiccups.

We enable startups to leverage our expertise and resources at the most critical phases of their journey, catalyzing the get-to-market process while strategically controlling costs. Our management acumen transcends decades of combined experience to offer your startup the initial advice it needs to successfully navigate modern business terrains. Having our experts taking up the CTO or senior engineering roles can significantly save time and unnecessary costs.

Additionally, our engineering prowess combines multi-platform strengths to speed up the application delivery process. Our engineering teams comprise of developers from leading universities along with years of experience in various desktop and mobile, business & consumer applications. Never lose direction again by partnering with Ebryx. From startup to IPO, we will be there at every step of the cycle to power you forward!