Smart technology for retailers that transform shopping experiences.

Establish customer loyalty through connected and rich brand experiences.

With the rise of eCommerce as well as mobile tech, the retail sector has become an increasingly competitive turf that comprises various functional areas. Today’s retailers need to deliver enhanced in-store experiences to retain & grow their customer base. Ebryx’s retail sector solutions are the shortcut to easily achieving that goal while excelling above competitors.

Using dynamic retail management solutions, we enable retailers to adopt leading tools, strategies and automation solutions that enhance their capabilities to deliver new shopping experiences. The aim is to make the retail experience increasingly convenient for shoppers, while enabling retailers to optimally manage their ecosystem. We serve retailers across several sectors: General Merchandise, Apparel, Health and Wellness, Specialty Retail and more.

End-to-end coverage of the retail value chain

Our multi-channel retail solutions combine in-store & online shopping channels into a “single transaction” experience. Customers get to enjoy consistent pricing, promotional mix and shopping experiences across any device or at any location.

Our technology solutions cover everything from the supply chain, to retail operations, to the end shopping experience. If you would like to rethink your supply chain, we have the solutions that allow better integration across the value chain from supplier to you to end-customer. From a shopping perspective, we can help you align and integrate social feeds with market intelligence and analytics to enable rich, and meaningful strategic insights.

Years of experience enable us to expand the technological boundaries for visionary retailers that understand what shopping in the 21st century entails. Our solutions can not only streamline retail operations, but also utilize vast swaths of shopping data to enable you to make enhanced, data-driven decisions.