O3 Cloud Security Platform

The Ozone Cloud Security Platform (O3) is a SaaS-based, integrated and managed cloud infrastructure security service which provides continuous security & compliance monitoring

Cloud Infrastructure Security v/s Traditional Security Setup

  • Traditional scanning tools are rendered ineffective in the cloud, where application stacks leverage API-driven services like Amazon’s S3/Redshift/EC2.
  • Legacy security tools were not designed to support API-centric infrastructure we must now turn to purpose-built tools that can monitor and manage security and compliance along the API control plane.
  • The old security model is unsustainable. Coupled with the flexibility of the cloud, Agile development and the DevOps movement have accelerated the speed of development cycles.
  • With more and more people pushing code to the environment how can we be certain that the teams are adhering to security best practices and policy?

Why O3?

O3 automates cloud security processes and enables consistent enforcement of policy requirements and industry compliance standards. It provides complete security visibility across an organization’s public cloud infrastructure. It is designed specifically to help modern IT and DevOps teams automate and maintain security within the shared responsibility model.

Context-Aware Detection
Context-Aware Detection
Detect intrusions leveraging hundreds of contextual attack playbooks.
Continuous Security Assessment
Continuous Security Assessment
Examine your cloud infrastructure for continuous gap analysis.
Comprehensive Visibility
Comprehensive Visibility
View security status of all of your cloud resources from a single pane of glass.
Instant Alerting
Instant Alerting
Leverage highly actionable alerts for prioritization and quick response.
Policy Monitoring
Policy Monitoring
Define policies based on industry standards and continuously monitor for violations.
Anomaly Detection
Anomaly Detection
Automatically detect suspicious user and network behavior using machine learning.


  • Intrusion detection tailored for cloud infrastructure
  • Threat hunting using advanced correlation engine
  • Context aware threat detection ruleset
  • Continuous compliance check
  • Premium threat intel feed
  • Security assessment & gap analysis
  • Supports integration with multiple AWS services
  • Vulnerability & behavior analysis
  • Detailed insights for incident response
  • Custom rule sets to incorporate new IOCs
  • On-premises data storage and log retention
  • Instant notification of confirmed intrusions
  • Detailed analyst prepared threat reporting
  • 200+ attack detection playbooks


Keep an eye on suspicious activities
Rest assured anomalies are going to be detected continuously.

We combine our deep understanding of your public cloud infrastructure, premium threat intel data, and superior human analysis skills to draw user and network patterns. An alert is made for every abnormal and malicious event that can then be re-mediated as soon as it gets detected.

Enable security-ready DevOps
Increase DevOps productivity without compromising security.

O3 comes with the predefined policies for secure configurations and access controls that follow the security best practices such as CIS, PCI and NIST. Rest assured that any new or existing resources that violate these policies and best practices will automatically be detected.

Perform better cloud forensics
Quickly investigate security issues with the context from the past.

O3 lets you considerably cut the time needed to analyze intrusions and breaches and speed up the incident response activity to contain the damage. It also helps you to better understand the root cause of an incident and get protected in the future.

Prove security and compliance
Easily report on risk posture to your management team and auditors.

We provide you with detailed, analysts-prepared reports about the risk posture of your environment based on business impact, policy violations, and anomalies detected. You can quickly present the overall security and compliance picture to your management team, board of directors, and even auditors.


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O3 Cloud Security Platform