Information Security Solutions

Data Security made seamless.

Security Consulting

Protecting your organization is becoming an increasingly complex task. In a world where threat perpetrators are evolving their craft to gain unauthorized access to your environment, use our consulting capabilities to effectively secure your data, endpoints, network and application ecosystem.

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Managed Security

Our managed security services practice seamlessly aligns the elements of your processes, people and technology in line with a zero-gap security posture. From SMBs to enterprises, we work with globally with clients to take care of their cyber-defense and compliance challenges.

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Malware Research

The elusive and multi-tiered nature of modern malware has led to security operations teams spending majority of their time chasing false positives. Leverage our artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and augment your defenses against sophisticated malware.

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Post-Incident Services

Threat actors and their motives can vary largely. But the result of their activity is the same: disruption to business operations and loss to finances. Our post-incident services can help you rapidly get to the source of the breach and ensure non-repetition.

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Managed IT Services

Enjoy agility to accelerate your business and the flexibility to scale as you grow. Our managed IT services help you optimize technology, cost, and performance while you drive your core business forward. Remove the need for multi-vendor management.

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